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Top 5 Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right UI UX Design Company

We understand that finding the best design company is a real pain. So, if you are looking forward to craft brilliant user experiences, let’s get in touch. We, Sudha Solutions - https://www.sudhasolutions.com/ are here to help you out through our standard process and industry best practices.

Top 4 UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2020-2021

The digital trends and expectations of users change daily. Some trends become outmoded while others gradually secure their permanent position in a market. It clearly states that we entrepreneurs should get out of their comfort zone and selection spiral and proactively change and keep pace with the cutting-edge trends. They can do that by hiring UI UX agency Mumbai. However, here the real question is why is it that important?

Consumers are always online and within a few minutes, millions of websites have been accessed by them. Therefore, if any business wants to find a way to attract the attention of the consumers in staying on their website or app, they need to build a highly engaging and intuitive website. In doing this, a UI UX design company in Mumbai can help them. And, by hiring the best UI UX agency Mumbai entrepreneurs can make them self up-to-date about the latest UI/UX trends.

Now, the question here arise is that which UI/UX trends are really worth following in 2020-2021? To get an answer to this let us explore a few UI/UX trends in brief.

1) Dark Mode

Featuring first on the list of hot UI/UX design trends in 2020-2021 is dark mode. Brands such as Instagram, Apple, and Android are already have started offering alternative themes in all their products. There are a few reasons why this trend is popular these days.

  • It looks tremendously trendy

  • It allows for highlighting other design elements.

  • It plays an important role in saving the device’s battery.

  • It reduces eye strain in dim light conditions.

2) Voice User Interface

The next on the list is the voice user interface. Voice chatbots and virtual assistants will surely become one of the hottest trends in 2020-2021. The VUI completely change the way we search for information and take notes. Brands such as Apple, Instagram, and Google have already started implementing this trend. When a business follows this trend, it can stand out from the crowd and be a leader in its niche. So, this is the UI/UX tech design trend that is expected to become hot in 2020-2021.

3) Abstract Data Visualization

These days, it is necessary that you need to find new ways of data visualization. The fact is that nowadays, tables, databases, lists, and other formats look old-fashioned, unappealing, and tedious. If you are into tech or production business then opting for an abstract data visualization trend is the best fit for you. If you are dealing with hardware, technical production, or server appliances you should showcase your products abstractedly by showing its aces moving in all directions. The UI UX agency Mumbai firmly believes that such visuals magnetize users and develop a feeling of depth, floating, and featheriness.

4) Bold Font in UI/UX design

Bold fonts are not a new trend or innovation in 2020. However, this trend is currently gaining momentum. Usually, whenever any user visits a website he/she first focuses on the website’s title. For this reason, it is important to make use of bold fonts for the website title. It will let you add a visual touch to information, topics, categories, services, or products. This trend adds a modern feel to website design. For example, visit Apple’s official website. You will realize that they actively implement bold fonts for their website titles and product pages. By doing so, they emphasize the high quality of goods.


In a nutshell, in the year 2020-2021, the above-discussed design trends businesses and UI/UX design studio Mumbai should follow to make their website’s design unique and engaging.

If you are searching for the best UI UX agency Mumbai then get in touch with Sudha Solutions - www.sudhasolutions.com. UI/UX design’s main goal is to help users achieve their goals. So, hire the UI UX agency that implements all your needs and requirement by keeping your consumers in mind.

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